AIMCSE and ADISPO collaborate with the University of Granada in the III Conference on Safety in Sports Events and Public Spectacles

On November 8 and 9, 2018, they were organized in the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the University of Granada, with the collaboration of the Association of Directors of Security of ADISPO and the International Association of Members of the Emergency and Security Bodies of AIMCSE. In the chair of Sports Law of the University.

From the Board of Directors of both associations we want to convey to the promoters such as PYCSECA and the Organizing Committee of these Conferences the congratulations received by our partners in Andalusia and especially the Rector of the University of Granada, Mrs. Pilar Aranda Ramírez. He is currently a member, among other activities, of the Permanent Commission of the Conference of Spanish Rectors (CRUE) and is its VicePresident.


In addition, the different members of the Organizing Committee and the political groups of the City of Granada that actively collaborated.

We would like to especially thank our esteemed partner and Technical Director of the Conference, Mr. German Sánchez Roses for the work he has done; as well as, to all the speakers and the Rescue Service of the Civil Guard for the presentation and sample of part of their means (helicopter equipped).

Within the Conference, the speakers of the National Police (Mr. Daniel Roelas, Inspector, Chief of Analysis and Operative Coordination Group of the Citizen Security Intervention) and the Municipal Police (Mr. José Antonio Rebolledo, Intendant of Services) also highlighted), The importance of training in safety and emergencies and the importance of public-private collaboration in this regard, recognizing the work of the associative fabric of the sector.

And to highlight some of the different and interesting presentations, about the problems, the plans and the organization of the different events, we also want to recognize the dedication and didactic effort of the speakers Members of the Defense (Legion, Cavalry and Infantry). Explaining the organization Of the events that they organize, like the 101 Kms. of Ronda.

And a special hug to the representatives of Accessible Granada, Paralympic medalists and other speakers at the table on Accessibility in Public Events and Sports Events.

And to the other speakers, participants and students, we regret not being able to make a full appointment; but that, to get an idea, touched the aspects of self-protection plans (112 Granada, Civil Protection, Fire, Sub-delegation of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Granada, Lawyers and Security Directors of Sports Clubs, Sports Federations, Security in automotive sports, NRBC Emergencies, Canine Guides, Drones and Civil Protection).

For all attendees with a professional private security brochure, the participating TEBA Academy sealed them and all attendees received a diploma from the university with their free configuration ECTS.

See you in 2019