Madrid on January 9, 2014

On January 9, 2014, in Madrid, at the registered office of C /. Espoz y Mina, 2-1º, the members of the different boards of AIMCSE collaborating associations had a meeting, with the aim of defining the action plan for 2014 and its long-term objectives, among which are : ADISPO Association of Security Directors, Association of Chiefs of Security, Association of Security Companies AES, Private Escorts Association, Forest Firemen Association, AUGC, SUP, Civil Protection Associations, Emergency Health, Military Emergency, … .
AIMCSE is an international association that was established in 2013 in Spain, to join the interests of professionals from all security and emergency bodies.
It will work in three differentiated lines:
1) Analysis of training needs through a survey in collaboration with Segurpress and collaborating organizations. Security and emergency officers will be invited to respond to the survey.
2) Programming seminars and short courses for participants associated with AIMCSE and collaborating organizations.
3) The work begun to promote the recognition through credits of the European Higher Education Area (ECTS) of the training that is programmed by AIMCSE and its collaborators will be continued. The objective of reaching a Degree in Security and Emergencies with different specialties will be sought.
In this line we will also work to promote specific international accreditations.
At this time, AIMCSE has an agreement with Segurpress to promote information on sectorial news on its website and disseminate its own information and collaborating organizations through the Segurpress channels.
On the other hand, AIMCSE is actively working in professional and sectoral social networks to promote the association internationally.
The work begun will continue to have collaboration agreements with other organizations and the selection of national and sectoral delegates with the objective of reaching a presence in 30 countries at the end of 2014.
The different collaborating organizations are encouraged to transfer information on their own activities that may be of interest to AIMCSE partners and collaborating organizations, to make proposals and add the viability of the same.
AIMCSE will periodically communicate the activities that are scheduled.
IV- Other issues addressed:
The Caja de Socorros will send information about its insurance «products» and loans to other collaborating organizations and analyze possible direct agreements among them.
The agreement with the company Questionity is informed that it will support AIMCSE in technological areas and with Segurpress to enhance the communication channel of the Association, collaborating organizations and, in short, to provide better information to professionals in the sector. html

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