ADISPO and AIMCSE sign a collaboration agreement

Madrid on March 4, 2014

The largest Association of Directors of Security of Spain, ADISPO, has signed a collaboration agreement with the International Association of Members and Security Bodies AIMCSE, to promote the common objectives of both organizations.

This agreement was explained at length to the members of ADISPO in its 2nd National Assembly of the association of security directors, on February 28, 2014, at C.C. García Lorca, from Madrid, attended by the general secretary of AIMCSE and in which, in addition to having had a broad and interesting debate on the organization of the association, on the current situation of the security sector in general and especially in Regarding the direction of the security departments, there was the invaluable intervention of the Inspector of the National Police Chief of the Police Collaboration Group Mr. José Enrique Carrera Tellado, in which, among other things, he urged the use of the security directors of Red Azul, commenting on its advantages and the general lines of the organization of the Central Private Security Unit.

(From right to left, D.Andreu Raya Demidoff-Secretary General AIMCSE, D.José Enrique Carrera Tellado-Head of the Police Collaboration Group of UCSP, D.Vicente Hernández Sánchez-President of ADISPO and D.Francisco Javier Del Castillo Baeza- Vice-president and treasurer of ADISPO)

In the management report the president of the Association of Directors of Security ADISPO, D. Vicente Hernández Sánchez explained the proposals of the board of directors and discussed the projects that the organization has in the medium, short and long term, untangling the impulse of a territorial structure of ADISPO, beginning with the Autonomous Communities that have powers of the Interior, with the objective of appointing members to the local committees of the Joint Private Security Commissions. The constitution of two working groups, to make proposals to the draft that is presented in the Private Security Regulation, one for training and personnel and the other on the normative proposals for the imposition of security measures; as well as, he stressed the importance of using the Association to influence everything that improves the sector, to increase the training of the staff and the employability of security directors.

Mr. Vicente Hernández also stressed the importance of taking advantage of the synergies that may arise, especially in training, collaborating with other associations in the sector, announcing the signing of an agreement with AIMCSE, the International Association of Safety and Emergency Members (which groups at international level to members of Civil Guard, Police, Civil Protection, Fire, Emergency Health, Private Security, …) this point that explained in more detail to the respected the also invited Secretary General of AIMCSE D. Andreu Raya Demidoff.


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