his course aims to update and extend the knowledge of the staff of: embassies and public or private security. The student must meet one of the following requirements:

  • University Degree (Licenciado, Grado or Diplomado).
  • Be a professional of the Armed Forces.
  • To be a professional in the Security Forces and Corps.
  • Be a private security professional.
  • To be a professional in emergency services both nationally and internationally.

Objective of the course
It is designed to provide extensive knowledge related to the development of missions and tasks in high-risk areas of operations, both international and domestic. Students will acquire all the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to allow a high professional performance in techniques, tactics and procedures for the development and resolution of scenarios of these characteristics.
Spain has military personnel and members of the State Security Forces and Corps deployed in four continents in some twenty international scenarios under the umbrella of international organisations and the interests of Spanish foreign policy. This presence abroad also includes emergency personnel, health services, journalists and people contracted by different international organisations and NGOs. Without forgetting the permanent missions of the Security Forces and Corps, Armed Forces and Private Security.
This course aims to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the efficient management, handling and leadership of this type of mission, as well as the individual instruction necessary to participate in and successfully carry out these missions and adequately face each event with rapid and safe action.
Online training, on the platform (based on Chamilo) of AIMCSE International Association of Members of Security and Emergency Corps, 300 hours (12 ECTS).

Course syllabus

    THEME 1 Institutions EU, UN, OAS, international trade, etc………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    THEME 1 Hierarchical principle of international law
    THEME 2 International law in international conflicts.
    THEME 3 International law in the maritime field
    THEME 4 International trade law
    THEME1 General concepts

THEME 2 Geopolitical Analysis
THEME 3 analysis by continents/regions
THEME 4 Geopolitical relations and IRs

    THEME1 General concepts
    THEME 2 Capture Methods
    THEME 3 Threat Assessment
    THEME 4 Cyberintelligence.
    THEME 5 Intelligence Analysis.
    THEME 1 General concepts
    THEME 2 Analysis of corporate risks
    THEME 3 Contingency plans and measures
    THEME 4 Security Planning
    THEME 5 Expatriate Safety
    THEME 1 Key concepts and definitions in cyber security and defence.
    THEME 2. Security in networks, wireless systems and mobile phones.
    THEME 3. Intelligence in digital networks.
    THEME 4. The management of computer security in organizations.

D. FERNANDO MONTOYA CERIO, Vice-President of AIMCSE and Director of the Security College Spain, Colonel ( R) General Staff. Intelligence Analyst…
D. JORGE GOMEZ PENA, Director of Intelligence of HSI, Military of career in leave. University degree in Security Management and Private Detective, Diploma in International Relations by URJC, Expert in Intelligence and Security in the Ministry of Defence and general administration of the state Vocal Intelligence of ADISPO and AIMCSE.
D. FRANCISCO JAVIER GONZALEZ FUENTES, Vice-president of ADISPO, member of the Turn of Judicial Experts of ADISPO, Vice-president 1º and General Secretary of AIMCSE, Professor in several university courses, Master in Cybersecurity by the URJC, Master in Criminalistics by the University Isabel I of Castilla, Director and Head of Security, University Degree in Private Investigation, Military of Career specialized in Corporate Security and Intelligence…
D. VICENTE HERNANDEZ SANCHEZ, President of ADISPO and AIMCSE , Security Director of Banco Nacional de Argentina in Spain , Security Director of EBN BANK , Security Director of Althea and General Director of INTGECO GROUP…
D. OSCAR GILA MADERUELO, Director of Projects and Training of INTGECO GROUP, Degree in Management and Security from UNED, Diploma in International Relations from URJC, Professor IDIS-UDIMA tutoring the courses of Directors and Detectives. Professor Centro de Estudios CUALIFICA teaching recycling courses to Private Security personnel. 2nd Vice President of ADISPO and AIMCSE. Technical Writer and Coordinator of Self-Protection and Civil Protection Plans …
D. MODESTO AGUDO TORRES, Telecommunications Engineer. Master LIDI, Leadership, Diplomacy and Intelligence by FESEI and CEU Barcelona. Official Title of Intelligence. Specialty Analysis of actors and scenarios and foresight. Master FAMA Physics

D. MANUEL JIMENEZ SANTANA, Director of the Black Bull Security Department and responsible for the Control of Operations Control, Public Administration Officer in an emergency situation, specialist in Security and Emergency Management, Professor on various courses on International Security and Private Security, Member of ADISPO and AIMCSE in International Security, Studies in Security and Risk Management from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias….

D. ALBERTO ROBLES RODRIGUEZ, Law degree from the UNED, Member of the Illustrious Official Bar Association of Madrid, Director of Security from the Ministry of Interior, Member of the Legal Services of AIMCSE and ADISPO, tutor of the AIMCSE legal science area, responsible for mobility services at Prosegur Comprehensive Security Solutions….

Accreditation of accomplishment with use of AIMCSE. 300 hours

Diploma for the Centro Superior Universitario de La Salle. 12 ECTS