AIMCSE International Board of Directors:

  • President: Mr. Vicente Hernández Sánchez
  • 1nd Vice President and General Secretary:  Mr Francisco Javier González Fuentes
  • 2nd Vice President and Treasurer: Mr. Óscar Gila Maderuelo
  • Third Vice President and Vocal of Training and Events: Mr. Oscar Alberto Sotomayor Santander
  • Technological Vocal: Mr. Modesto Agudo Torres
  • Vocal Private Security Area: Mr. Francisco Javier del Castillo Baeza
  • Vocal Corporate Relations Area: D. José Carlos Prado Gómez
  • Vocal Civil Protection Area: D. Rafael Martínez Marina
  • Vocal Legal Services Area: D. Alberto Robles Rodríguez

Honorary Members of the Advisory Board and Founding Members:

  • Mr. Bartolomé Capote Agudo – President of Honor
  • Mr. José Antonio López López
  • Mr. José Antonio Castilla Pérez
  • Mr. Andreu Raya Demidoff
  • Mr. Miguel Duque Fernández